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When you lose the keys in Beaconsfield, rekey locks with the assistance of our company. There is no other way to feel secure again when the keys are stolen or lost. By rekeying the lock and thus changing its pin configuration, you are sure that no ex-tenant or ex-employee will ever bother you. Taking the right measures to ensure and increase security is of the utmost importance. Let Locksmith Beaconsfield help you in the process. When you want professional rekeying services, we have the expertise and experience to do job right.Rekey Locks Beaconsfield

Contact us 24/7 for emergency lock rekey

If you want to rekey locks in Beaconsfield now, call us. We provide emergency service and support our clients in Beaconsfield, Quebec, 24/7. Since you can never be sure when the keys will be stolen or lost, keep our number handy. Our local locksmiths are available around the clock to cover your urgent needs.

Why is it important to rekey locks?

The purpose of lock rekey is to prevent the door from opening with the original key. That’s vital when the key is kept by previous tenants, ex-spouses, or anyone else who shouldn’t have access to your property. What our techs do is replace the pins of your cylinder lock to change the configuration and thus allow the lock to only work with a different key. So our rekeying service includes key change too.

Interested in master lock systems? Call us

We can rekey locks of a master system too. Our pros can change the configuration of the cylinder lock to create a new master key system. This is important when the superintendent of your building is retiring and you want to be sure of your security.

Ready to rekey locks in Beaconsfield

With our vans full of key replacement blanks and numerous tools, our techs can do the job with accuracy and speed. We use the right blank and cut it with precision and based on the lock’s new configuration. Whether you want to rekey locks in Beaconsfield urgently or not, call our company for fast assistance and outstanding work.